Surf SOHO Ethernet Port Speed

Why is it on my SURF SOHO ROUTER when the port speed is turned up past 100 mbps to 1 GBPS, the GUI screen loops “applying settings”…, and wont reconnect to pc, and have to reset the router to factory settings?

That shouldn’t happen. Maybe you have a bad cable or NIC on your computer? Try logging in from a different one? Are you plugged directly into the SURF?

I don’t have CAT6 so I just set the ports for 100Mbps.

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it happens with cat 5, 6,and 7 cables…and on a dell desktop, and hp desktop…but I will try other pc’s in the future…

It might be a bad cable to another computer. Check all network cable connections to make sure none have wiggled loose.

Replace any damaged or suspect cables to rule them out. Until the problem is found leave ports on Auto.

Check Status>Event Log for clues.

I’ve done all if that, new cables…and checked the event log constantly, and used several other pc’s…It will work fine untill it’s turned up past 100 mbps…I think I need to work on trying to turn off the intel management system…Which i’ve studied, but failed to initiate instructions

Update the DELL’s NIC drivers, intel management engine, etc.?

Consider the fact that since the SOHO MK3 throughput is 120Mbps perhaps setting the port to 1Gbps is unnecessary or is pissing off the intel management engine as you suspect? Either an update fixes it or set the ports to 100Mbps?

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I will look into that again, problem is that I heard a few people on youtube saying intel management system is a way to override everything on the pc it’s installed on, and there was a way to disable it…This pc im using now is a 2007 dell inspirion desktop, and a bios update has not been issued since 2009…I was also told by a local pc tech that aftermarket update was written by someone on github or some other online place…anyway I really appreciate the help…Im about to go and try to find and update for the NIC and try to message the crew who figured out how to disabele the management system all together…