Surf SOHO Downstream Bandwidth Limited to 100 Mbps?


I recently upgraded my Internet service from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps. When I got it hooked up, I thought there was a problem with my ISP because I was still only pulling down 100 Mbps. However, when I connected my notebook directly to the modem and performed a speed test, my download speed maxed out at 450Mbps. As soon as I reconnected the notebook to the Surf SOHO MK3, the speed was back down to 110 Mbps. What gives? I made sure to set the Upload Bandwidth to 25Mbps and the Download Bandwidth to 450 Mbps in the WAN connection settings. I love my Pepwave Surf SOHO and I hope I do not have to replace it to get 400 Mbps speed.


The SOHO specs indicate a throughput capability of 120 Mbps.


A 120 Mbps limit is unfortunate. I would like to stick with Pepwave. What is the next level up that would support 400 Mbps? Is it the Balance One?


Besides the Balance One Core there are three other models supporting throughput of 350-600Mbps, with different feature sets.