Surf SOHO - display USB modem signal?

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I am using a Surf SOHO with a USB Pantech UML290. Is there any way in the Surf SOHO to see the USB modem signal information?

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Was very disappointed in this also. I’m using a Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U and although when I click on the details of my connection there’s a spot for the signal strength to be displayed, it merely shows 0db. I’m running firmware 6.1.2.

I was able to directly connect my USB modem to a laptop during installation, but now that the external antenna is installed in the attic, with 50ft. of cable run down the walls to the modem in the basement, I really need a way to remotely see the signal strength!


The visibility of USB modem signal is depend on the modem. Some modem can provide this info then our router will able to show the signal strength.

The modem is able to provide this signal strength information to the AT&T utility and to the Sierra watcher program, so I don’t believe that is the issue…


Believe the needed info was able shared to AT&T utility and Sierra Watcher but not Peplink. Thus signal strength not show in Dashboard.

I don’t understand what this means, you basically just restated my post without explaining why.


Aircard 313U is one of the special modem, there are several variant models.
There are sightly difference on each model and some of them may not able to retrieve signal strength on our devices.

The software you have mentioned, such as AT&T utility and Sierra Watcher, are tailor made for specific modems which they certified.
They are not using a standard way to get the signal strength.
We tried our best to obtain as much as information for the customers’ convenience, however, It is a black box for us in this part.


Can you please add this to the SOHO firmware?

Here is the way to get the signal strength on a Novatel MiFi device. I use the 4620L MiFi with the Surf SOHO:

replace the IP with the Novatel’s IP. Parse the resulting text file for “WwRssi” – 5 indicates five bars (full signal).

Source: MiFidemo/README.markdown at master · infincia/MiFidemo · GitHub


Thank you for your information.

Our device supports a standard way (e.g. AT commands) to retrieve modem signal.
Other sources of data such as URL requires special handling and is not our focusing area currently.
However, we will put it to our future plan and hope the signal strength of most of the supported modems can be shown on the dashboard.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you, that helped!