Surf Soho directional antenna connection?

I want to add a 3rd WAN access to my Surf Soho. Already have the Cable and 3G USB modem in place but want to connect to a weak WiFi AP.
To boost the signal and reduce noise I would like to use a yagi antenna. I am wandering how to connect the external antenna to the router. There are 2 antenna connections on the Surf Soho. Currently using a pair of omni directional antenna’s. And the directional antenna’s that I can find only have one coax connection.
What to do?


You may connect to Antenna A. Please take note Wifi users will having difficulty to connect Surf Soho if you choose to use Yagi antenna. Another thing, please choose Channel Bonding to 20Mhz only.

Hope this help.

Thanks, no need to use the Soho as a WiFi AP. Can I disconnect antenna B ?


From day 1 of the SOHO we were told that it required two external antennas for the WiFi to function properly. However, per your above note we tested and saw nearly identical results with just the internal vs 1 or 2 external in terms of speeds. Was this something that changed with a later SOHO firmware?

The SOHO uses a 2x2 MIMO design for the Wi-Fi, but you can certainly use only antenna A. Maximum data rates will be achieved using both antennas along with 40MHz channel bonding.