Surf Soho Crashing when uploading large files

My Pepwave Surf Soho is consistently crashing when uploading files to YouTube over 400MB. The wifi network completely disappears and I have to reboot the device to get it to show back up. Then 400MB later, it crashes again.

The amounts aren’t exact, but the files I’m uploading are 1-3GB. Is the hardware not capable of this? That would be a huge letdown.

Please share the SOHO hardware and firmware version.

Please share the router throughout that show on Dashboard when you uploading the file.

Please share the CPU load when you uploading the file. You may download Diagnostic Report if you notice the CPU load spikes to 100% constantly.

May I know the problem occurs if you are connected to the Soho’s LAN port?

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You may want to look into the DSL/Cable Optimization feature. If its on turn it off and vice versa. See

If your wifi signal is not strong, it is quite normal for networks to disappear briefly. An app like WiFi Analyzer on Android shows this very clearly. Any chance you have a wifi problem rather than a router problem?

On the 2.4ghz band if your wifi channels are AUTO, then restrict it to 1, 6 and 11. On the 5ghz band, if your channel width is 80MHz, try using 20MHz instead.

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It’s the newer one - Surf Soho MK3.

I was on 7.01 when this happened and have since updated to 7.02, but haven’t had another large file to try uploading yet. I will check the CPU the next time I do and report back here.

We aren’t using the LAN port and don’t plan to. We’re in an RV and all devices are wireless.

Thanks, I’ll try disabling the DSL/Cable Optimization feature.

We’re inside an Airstream and the router is literally right next to just about every device. A max of 25 feet away at any given time so I don’t see how it would be a problem with a weak wifi signal.

Even if Wifi signal is strong, there could be interference. Do you have an Android or Windows device? On Android, try Wifi Analyzer. On Windows, try Nirsoft WiFiInfoView. Both offer lots of techie WiFi details.

Also, if you can, try a different WiFi device.

Or, it the problem might not be in your Airstream at all, perhaps its between the router and whatever network its using to get online. Is it WiFi as WAN?

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We’re all Apple devices here. Laptops, iPhones and iPads. Was uploading from a MacBook Pro. I can run a comprehensive wifi report from my MBP, but not sure what tech details I’m looking for.

Our internet is coming from a Verizon Jetpack. Usually it is tethered to the Pepwave, but to get the large video to upload I had to turn the Pepwave off and connect via wifi directly to the Jetpack so the issue wasn’t with the internet source.

Possibly there’s an issue with the tethering driver for the Jetpack, but I don’t have a bunch of hotspots laying around to test :slight_smile:

I agree that the tethering driver is a likely suspect.

If you can, eliminate WiFi as a suspect by plugging into the Surf SOHO via ethernet. I know Apple is removing ports from all their devices, but USB to ethernet adapters are tried and true and cheap.

Also, when you next do this, try watching the live bandwidth report on the router. Its in Status -> Real Time Bandwidth. Don’t know what to look for specifically but it may show a pattern.

Finally, there is a bandwidth speed profile for each WAN connection. Try adjusting that to be somewhere in the range of reality. On the Dashboard (main router screen) click the gray Details button next to your WAN connection and look for Upload bandwidth and Download bandwidth.

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We do have an Netgear Unite Explore hotspot and were able to upload a 380MB file without any issues. What’s the best way to report a potential bug in the driver software for the Jetpack 6620L?

Finding an adapter while traveling (currently in the middle of nowhere) may be difficult, but I’ll report back when I do.

File bug reports here

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