Surf Soho Crashes

My Surf Soho have crached several times the last days. My computers and other devices is still connected to wifi, but I can not connect to internet or the web interface on the Surf Soho when this happens. It is ok after a power cycle. When I monitor the surf Soho with Observium, it shows that 87% of the memory is in use when the Surf Soho is at nearly idle. And 91% when downloading windows update with an other computer. Is this right? Or is there a fault in the firmware?
What can be done to get the unit to be stable?

Also, is it possible to add a location setting in the SNMP settings? This will make the map in Observium show the right location.

Please open a support ticket via our website so we can take a closer look:

I had a conversation via support, but the issue did not get fixed. I had to take the Surf Soho out of service.
I have tested new firmware from time to time, and with 6.2.1, the Surf Soho seems to be ok. I can download at my full internet speed without maximising CPU load. The CPU goes up to 57% when i test with with a download speed of 53 Mbit.
Before I was not able to download more than 30 Mbit.
So I am very happy with the newest firmware :slight_smile: