Surf SOHO client has an IP address of all zeros

Surf SOHO MK3 running firmware 8.0.2 Build 1480

All zero IP addresses appears to be a thing now. I am the third person (that I found) to write here about a device with an all-zero IP address showing up in the client list.

Two months ago the issue was raised here with no real conclusion
Dumping an individual client on a Surf SOHO router? - #7 by happysurfer

Last month the issue was raised here
Surf Soho Client List shows server ip address as
In this instance, the issue was due to user configuration error.

Still, regardless of any user errors, should a device show up as connected to the router with an IP address of I would think not.

I bring this up because I too saw a device with an IP address of today as shown above. The router is not mine, so I have limited information.

The router is new so there are only 4 days of Daily Usage Reports. No days show an all zero IP address using any bandwidth. The MAC address is assigned to Epson, so it is probably a printer.

The device is connected to a WiFi network that is assigned to the untagged LAN.
The DHCP range is the default with the router being .1
The router was not logging DHCP for the untagged LAN, but I changed that after noticing this.

The previous user error that resulted in this had to with hard coded IP addresses. The Surf SOHO replaced a consumer Linksys device which most likely used a different subnet.

The router has only been powered on for 4 hours when I noticed the all zero IP address.
About an hour later, the Epson device had a normal DHCP assigned IP address in the 192.168.50.x subnet. The assigning of the IP address was logged in the Event Log.

What should happen if a device gets on a WiFi network but has a static IP outside of the subnet used by that WiFi network?

If it matters, the Surf SOHO has three VLANs defined, each assigned its own SSID.


This is a bug and it has been fixed in 8.1.0. Please refer to the 8.1.0 beta release note, reference 21647.

Please try 8.1.0 beta if this is urgent. :blush:



Thank you.

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This does not appear to be solved. I have the same (or similar) problem - Epson device with as IP address. I am using 8.1.0 firmware (build 4941), and have been for 138 days.
The device believes it has an IP address, but it shows all zeroes in the pepwave dashboard, and cannot be seen from other devices on the same network.

Turn on DHCP logging, then turn the printer off and back on. Check if the router assigned the printer an IP address. It would appear in the Event Log. If so, try to access the web interface of the printer, assuming there is one.

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I am having this issue as well on my Max Transit Duo. My printer is a Canon and I can access the web interface with an IP Address of, but in the client list, the Canon has an IP address of

What firmware version are you running?

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8.1.1 build 5025

I am having the same issue here. I am running SOHO MK3, Beta Firmware version 8.1.1. RC3. Below is the status window and the DHCP log. The log shows its connected, I can use the printer and the printer app shows its connected to , but the pepwave status window says IP address is The incontrol2 status shows the IP Address as unknown. I have posted that picture on the beta distribution page Firmware 8.1.1 RC 3 - #6 by NoName. I actually have this issue for two devices on my network. One is a range extender and on is a brand new HP Printer which is the NPI793E6A circled here.

Here is the picture from Incontrol2. Notice that is has all of the signal strength, speed and freq information. Just no IP even though it is correctly setup and my printer app sees it as

@NoName, please confirm whether the LAN device - NPI793E6A shows IP forever in Status > Client List? It looks like the LAN device is grabbed an IP without issue.

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Yesterday and the day before I checked my console several times each day and it always showed as of my devices that showed the problem). Today, after seeing your request, I went and looked again and the printer is now showing connected to the correct IP as well as my range extender which is the other device that showed the issue. I even power cycled the printer after I saw it was connected this morning and found that it did not revert back to So something changed over night. Maybe a DHCP lease timer expired or something. I did not reboot the router. That is why I took the screen shots to show the issue. So what ever caused this problem to go away, I am happy, but concerned as to the root cause.

@NoName, IP is due to our device received DHCP Discovery from the DHCP client. It will be disappeared after the DHCP client grabbed an IP address. May be the page yet to refresh when you check on it.

You may refer to the link below why DHCP client is showing IP

I’ve also got this issue on the Pepwave for Max Transit Duo. I know an IP address is assigned b/c I can access the client at the fixed IP address through the router. However the client list shows It’s not causing any problems, just seems odd.

Screenshots attached.

You might want to create a diagnostic file and open a ticket. Also, make sure the firmware is up to date (and eat your vegetables). After creating the diagnostic file, test if its a one time fluke. Disconnect that device, and then re-connect it.

Thanks Michael. Firmware is up to date. I do turn it off and reconnect it all of the time, same story, so it’s not a fluke. I’ll open a ticket.