SURF SOHO Clien List

Can someone please explain to me on the SURF SOHO Router, in theActive Connections, Client Session where it shows what devices are connected, it shows how many sessions are in progress…Im so confused on why each device has 3 or more sessions. My pc connection had 18…Is that how many piggy backs I have from my ISP, Bandwidth, etc, or the amount of hackers that I can not see in my pc comming from somewhere ?

Page 95 of the well written and easy to read user manual gives a nice explanation.

See anything suspicious?


thanks for all of your help, my only question now is, why does the ip address given to me by my isp, when entered in the browser, pulls up my surf soho admin page, Even though I changed the routers ip address ?

Go to a “whats my IP?” type of website and find your public facing IP address. Enter that into a browser and you should get your modem login page.

The router’s internal web admin page ( will never be the same as the modem’s IP address.

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ok, how about I send you a screen shot of both pages…Be right back…By the way, out of the box, The MAC Filtering never ever worked

They are both using the same address. Assign the modem a different address if possible something at the end of the address range of the subnet like or turn it off and on to see if it will do it automatically.

By the way MAC filtering does work - well I tested DENY successfully anyways when I blocked an iPhone for a test.

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well if MAC Filtering works on yours and not mines, then im so done with this surf soho

Your SOHO MK3 is updated to the latest firmware?

Also you should only be able to access the admin login from Verify the untagged LAN is on the subnet. Network>Network Settings

Do you want to arrange a swap?

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what do you mean swap ?

It was a joke. Like swap routers.


lol…im about to try a different brand router and hope all is well… this surf soho has given me pure hell, this is the most support I’VE had from you and this forum…5G are the company where I bought it from and they gave me only one descent piece of info which was how to change the DNS server…Im a lot more advance user now, but right off after purchase the MAC FILTERING did not work, and willd card on firewall ip address blocking also…anyway im about to trash this surf soho

Is the firmware up to date?

Status>Device 8.0.2 build 1480?


yes, are you a peplink tech ?

No just a fellow home Surf SOHO user. If I can’t help you someone else should be able to or will PM you. If you can’t get it working you can contact them to open a ticket etc…

MAC filtering

You can blacklist or whitelist MAC addresses on a WIFI network by navigating to this page:

Select “Deny all except listed” to whitelist the MAC(s) of your choice.

Select “Accept all except listed” to blacklist the MAC(s) of your choice.

Click the save button. Then click “Apply Changes”.

When first learning to use the SURF its easy to miss that sometimes. I still do occasionally if I am in a rush.