Surf SOHO blocks pings to USB modem from LAN

I can ping the USB Modem IP from the admin ping tool on the router GUI (with “WAN” selected), but I can’t ping the same IP from my PC, which is connected to the LAN, though I can ping the router’s LAN IP.

To me, this means that for some reason, the router is not forwarding the pings as it should. Why is this? Can I use any advanced features to force it to forward the pings, like service forwarding or something?

If the USB modem the only wan interface? If not can you ping the others?

I just checked and I can ping a public IP on WAN1 and a private IP on WAN2 of my balance one.

Also. Why does it matter to you? (that’s the first time I have ever pinged my WANs from my LAN)

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It matters because the USB modem has an admin page at that IP. When I can’t ping it, I can’t login. When I switch to the cable wired WAN, then yes, I can ping the cable modem’s admin IP. In fact, the problem with my USB modem is corrected by a reboot of the pepwave router, but the point of the backup WAN is for failover, so if it requires a reboot, it’s not working as required.

Note that, when the IP can’t be pinged, I have no internet access either.

Ah. I had assumed you were referring to the internet facing IP not the modems internal management IP.

When your SOHO detects an internet failure on a WAN it stops sending any traffic that way from LAN devices - even the pings and the attempts to access the IP of the modem.

To bypass this you need to set up an outbound policy rule. On the SOHO you do this in Advanced > PepVPN and there is a rules section. Create an enforced rule for the IP address of your modem pointing at the USB WAN

eg if your modem IP was it would look like this:

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Thanks. That fixed the access-to-the-modem problem. I didn’t look there because I assumed that “PepVPN” would only contain settings relevant to a VPN, and I wasn’t trying to set up a VPN.

Unfortunately, the lack of internet problem remains for the modem, even though I can access it now. Specifically, if I disable and re-enable the modem after using my cable WAN, then it only works sporadically. it will have access for a minute (slow access), then lose access for few minutes, etc. The only way to get reliable access is to reboot the Pepwave - rebooting the modem doesn’t fix it. So it sounds like a Pepwave modem support problem, right?

The Aircard 754S (Elevate 4G Hotspot) is listed as a supported modem, so I should be able to request remote assistance with this, though I’m not sure how that would work since when the problem happens, I don’t have internet access.