Surf SOHO, AP's and SSIDs

Hi all.

I have a couple of locations that currently have Balance One routers (as well as AP One access points), and I’m quite pleased with the VPN and AP management features. I’m considering a Surf SOHO for a smaller remote location. I know the SOHO doesn’t have as robust a feature set as the Balance, so I have a few questions. Let’s assume I’ll maintain the warranty and InControl2 license on the Surf SOHO.

Will I be able to include the SOHO in my PepVPN?

Will I be able to have AP One access points at the same location as the Surf SOHO on the same SSIDs?

Can the location with the SOHO use the same SSIDs as my other locations’ SSIDs?

Will I have a “” dynamic dns hostname for the SOHO, or do I need to use a separate dynamic dns service?

Since i’m pretty spoiled on the Balance routers and InControl2, what other features do you think I’ll miss on the Surf SOHO?

Thanks in advance for helping me think this out.


Would you able to contact Peplink local partner for assistance ? I for sure they can easily setup a test device in their network and allow you to add the device into your IC2 group to verify what ever setting that you want. This is the beauty to have IC2 management.

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