Surf OTG Wired Mode accessing Setup screen to exit wired mode?

If you put the OTG into Wired Mode, how do you then access the Setup screen to take it out of Wired Mode?

If you connect the OTG to a cable modem, tell it to get an IP address from the cable modem using DHCP, and then put it into Wired mode, the OTG is going to pull an IP from the cable modem, and switch to using it. When this happens, I assume the wireless AP connections use IPs assigned by the cable modem, and wireless connections to the OTG are sent to the cable modem. How do you then access the OTG Setup screen to take it out of Wired Mode? I’m afraid to try Wired Mode, because I don’t know how to get out of it.


By default, the Surf OTG operate in router mode, where the WAN (Wired, Wireless, Cellular) and LAN (Wired or Wireless) are carrying different range of IP addresses. In your case, when the SOTG connected to the cable modem, you still can access the SOTG via wireless AP. You may find the 3 operating mode (Wired, Wireless and Cellular) of the SOTG in the user guide here.

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Thank you, but I’m still confused. What I want is to switch to Wired Mode and turn off DHCP in the SOTG so that it will allow connecting devices to obtain IP addresses via DHCP from the cable modem which will be connected to the Ethernet port on the SOTG. Once I do that, a wireless connection to the SOTG will use an IP address provided by the cable modem, so I don’t see how I can specify the IP needed to make a connection to the Setup screen in the SOTG.

In wired mode the SOTG will always be a NAT device and you will not be able to pass DHCP through it from your cable modem.

Wouldn’t bridge mode solve this problem? Or does bridge mode only work with Wifi-as-wan?



Bridge mode only works with Wi-Fi as a WAN.