Surf OTG V2 Modem Compatibility - Netgear 815S

Just a question before a purchase. I didn’t see the Netgear Aircard 815S 4G LTE (AT&T US) listed as a compatible device for the Pepwave Surf On-The-Go 3G/4G Router V 2.0. Is there future support for this newer AT&T Netgear modem? Or will it work since the model before Sierra Aircard 781S (Unite Pro) is listed as compatible? I have a 781S, and it’s actually a Netgear, and am going to upgrade soon and maybe purchase the Pepwave OTG.

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Please refer to the URL link below, if you find the USB is not under supported devices.

Our engineers will assist you in getting the modem to work through.

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OK, thanks. One more question. On the compatibility page it shows the Aircard 781S Netgear LTE supported. This is a Hotspot modem. So will that connect via USB cable to the Surf OTG V2 or via wireless?

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You will be able to tether it via USB if it is on the compatibility page. Wi-Fi as WAN will always work.

I would like to see Pepwave add some type of customer reporting mechanism for reporting non-listed devices that actually do work.

For example, right now, the hotspot/USB’s AT&T sells in the US with USB capability are just the AT&T Unite Explore (Netgear AC815S) & AT&T Velocity (ZTE MF923), neither of which are on peplink’s compatibility list.

The AT&T Velocity, which I own, is a ZTE MF923, which is also not listed on the compatibility list by any other carrier, yet my Pepwave Surf SOHO recognizes it as “ZTE” and works with it just dandy via USB.

It would be nice to have some easy way for customers to report non-listed modems that work so that the list can be updated.

Sound good! We will relay this to the relevant team.

Thanks for your suggestion.