Surf Otg USB connection to 4g lte modem periodically stops working

PEPWAVE Surf-on-the-go connected to Verizon jetpack MiFi 6620L via USB. Operating in Cellular mode.

Works well (when it works) but often looses internet connection. Devices remain connected network & router but can’t access internet. When this happens and I disconnect the router from jetpack, internet can be accessed buy conecting to jetpack’s wifi. So it stands to reason the modem is not the issue.

It’s been a random issue that Is getting worse. It used to happen every few days. Now, on some days I need to restart the router 4-6 times in a day before giving up all togeather. Sometimes only getting 30 min of use after a restart.

On other days, it may not need a restart. But thease days are getting fewer and farther apart.

Same problem here, Surf connected to Netgear 815s via USB. Worked great for 3 days, no connection loss then twice in as many hours. Loggin into the Surf, status shows the 815s connected, but cannot ping using the “Tools” The 815s has an active connection according to it’s status page.

Same here, using 815s via USB. Random connection loss to modem. The modem is still connected to WAN. Did you get a resolution?