Surf otg Firmware Update and Time synchronize


Hello and Good Day to All.

I did the Firmware Update on my Surf otg router and now the Network Usage Data and Signal Timeline graphs don’t work.

All other functions work, and it’s connected to the LAN and has a client.

Also The System Time on the Surf otg will not synchronize with the Surf soho MK3 time witch is correct.

Thank You for any help, and have a Great Day.



Device reports will always need tie to the correct device time. You need to solve this before we actually check on the device reports.

Would you able to explain more for the above ? SOTG not sync time with SOHO MK3 ? Beside that, may i know you upgrade the SOTG from which firmware to which firmware version ?

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Hello sitloongs

Device time on Surf soho MK3 is correct. Surf otg is connected to the Surf soho MK3 via Ethernet Cable.

The device time on the Surf otg is wrong and I don’t know how to fix it.

I updated the firmware for the Surf otg from 1.0.7 to the new firmware 1.1.1 and the graphs on the first admin page do not work now.

Thank You for reply.


I created a ticket for this, and all I get is a request to turn on remote access and that’s not going to happen. Always seems to be some kind of BS that happens whenever Firmware upgrades are performed whether it’s with routers or other electronics.