Surf otg Date and Time Synchronize

Hello and Good Day

My Surf otg will not synchronize time and date. It can access the internet.

Firmware = 1.1.1 Build 1357

Hardware Version 3

This is date and time right now on the Surf otg, Sat, 11 May 2019 16:31:00 GMT.

Date is correct but time is off. Time is 9:31 am PMT

Any help, any ideas? Thank You.

Hi Ballistic,

what TimeZone is set in your OTG?


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Hello Dennis and Thank You for responding.

I cannot see a option to set the time zone on the Surf otg.
Unless I have missed something, I just assumed it would sync like all my other devices. Right now it’s GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. Here on the west coast of USA it’s PT Pacific Time.