Surf OTG availability in Europe

Could somebody tell me whether the Surf OTG can be purchased in Europe (The Netherlands)??
Or otherwise: are there European users of the Surf OTG who bought their device in the USA?

I.o.w: I’m very interested to start using the OTG but would like to get some reassurance from existing users that it actually works in Europe.

I’m a wandering yachtsman travelling through almost all European countries, using local harbour WiFi and local country mobile data (3G, Hsdpa, etc)

thanks for responding!!

Surf OTG is available for use in Europe. It supports 150+ modems worldwide including the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. You can review a list of USB cellular modems here. As long as the USB modem is on the list, we can use it with the Surf OTG.

You can find some detailed product reviews here. They ship to the Netherlands as well.

Hi Kurt,
Thanks for your quick response.
I have a SIMlock free Huawei E173 modem from Turkcell. Since this modem is listed I will give it a try.
Did you know that the price of shipping the device to Europe is 50% of the purchase price??
Opportunity for you guys to start your own channels!

Thanks. Yeah it should work just fine. And if you like the Surf OTG, feel absolutely free to spread the words :slight_smile:

OK, since you asked for it…:slight_smile:
I ordered the Surf OTG from 3GStore since I could not find a supplier in Europe. That was painfull! by the time I could install it, the total price was about $ 175, due to transport and (Dutch) VAT and import taxes.
Installation was painless, except that I do not understand why I needed to download a firmware upgrade from October. One would expect that when you buy a device in December such an upgrade is pre-loaded!!
The first surprise was that, where my laptop normally only finds 5 SSID’s around my home, the Surf OTG found 12! Setting up WiFi worked immidiately and works without noticable loss of speed. Hooking up 1 extra laptop, 2 android phones and a tablet also gave no problem whatsoever.
Next was 3G connectivity. I tested an E352 from T-Mobile and an E173 from Turkcell. Except for setting the PIN code I did not have to change anything! They just connected and worked perfect. Even switching back and forth between Wifi and 3G gave no problems with the connected mobile phones, tablets and laptops. OK, it takes a minute before they are back online, but no failing apps or lost data.
Finally I connected my home VoIP switch via the ethernet cable to the OTG, and again first time right and the people we call can’t tell the difference whether we use the WiFi or the 3G connection from the OTG.
In a few months we will move to our boat and sail the waters around Turkey and Greece. Can’t wait to test the OTG in that environment! So far I’m very satisfied.

One minor thing: I think that half of the power the OTG uses, is burned by the 7 LED’s on the front panel. You can read a book by their light :mad:
On the boat I run the OTG 24/7 from the ship’s battery and every watt counts. Is there a way to dim the led’s or even switch them on/off?

Glad to know the Surf is living up to your expectation. We are honoured to take part in your journey.

We hear you on the LED. This is a good feature request. We have added this to our to-do list so please stay tuned.

Yes it is true that the Surf can be more accessible in Europe, and we are always looking at ways to doing so. If you know of any friend in retail or distribution, we’d love to hear from them.


Hi Kurt,
Could you give me a direct email address so we can continue the above conversation??

Sure. You can reach me on [email protected] for a closer discussion. Thanks.