Surf OTG 6.1.2 firmware error: Firmware image invalid or corrupted

I have a new Surf OTG that is still running firmware version 1.0.21 build 1153. The hardware version is 2.1.

I have attempted to install firmware version 6.1.2 build 1550, but I’m getting an error message saying “firmware image is invalid or corrupted.” I have tried several times to download the .bin file from the Pepwave site, but I get the same error on each attempt at installing the firmware.


Please download SOTG firmware at -

Than you! It looks like I was downloading firmware for a different device that was shown on the same page as the SOTG.

Should we expect any updates to the SOTG firmware or modem list? The latest 1.0.22 version is dated 8/2013. I was told it should benefit from the same modem updates that the other products receive, and I presume there are some newer modems since last year. Did the other models get a new modem list in the 6.1.2 firmware from July?


Hi Adam,

if you facing any issue on modem which not working with SOTG, you may open ticket here. We are ready to support you.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply - actually the customer support is one of the reasons I bought the PEP product.

My hope with an updated modem list is not that I currently have a specific modem which isn’t working, but rather that I want this device to be as capable as possible in case it’s needed. It is being used for emergency response functions and I’d like it to work with any modem available.

I see that your website’s modem list includes nearly all of the currently selling modems from the major carriers. But what’s not clear to me is whether the the modem list from firmware 1.0.22 includes all of the modems currently listed on the website, or if some of those modems were added after v1.0.22. Can you clarify that?



You may go Setting > Status to check the supported modem list for SOTG firmware v1.0.22. Please find the attached.

You may find the URL link from here also.

Thanks - so clicking through from the modem config (or the direct link you gave me) shows me the v1012 modem list? But finding the modem list from shows the most current list? Both lists have 248 modems and 50 which are relevant for US carriers… they are the same list, so list 1012 is the most current available?

Hi aberson,

My Surf SOHO reports it is using Modem list 1015. 248 total and 50 US.