Surf On The Go replacement

Hello, a number of years ago, I purchased a Pepwave Surf on the Go. I use this router to connect to one of a few different mobile hotspots which will then provide internet to my Google Nest Wifi mesh setup. Recently, I’ve noticed that if I connect a hotspot through the SOTG and then connect to my home wifi, my internet speeds are extremely slow… normally in the 10mb/s range. However, if I connect directly to my hotspot, from the same computer, I’m getting significantly higher… Normally it’s around 100mb/s - 150mb/s.

This happened even before the Nest wifi on a Netgear R7000 router. I have 2 questions:

  1. Can anyone help me identify why I am seeing such a reduction in speed while my hotspot is connected through the SOTG? This happens no matter which hotspot I use (we have 3 different hotspots, 2 android 1 apple), no mater which computer or device, no matter which wifi router is attached to the SOTG, and no matter the distance between the hotspot and the SOTG. So, it seems to point to the SOTG. I am already on the latest version of the firmware and I recently reset the router back to factory just in case setting got messed up somewhere.

  2. If the unit is no longer any good, is there a good recommendation for a router that will allow me to do this? What I need is a solution that will allow me to connect to any number of hotspots since we don’t always use the same hotspot and share it to my home network.

Thanks in advance!

Bump. Hoping for some help. Thanks!

You can try to contact a local Peplink Certified Reseller to find the best solution for your situation:

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