Surf On The Go & Magic Jack+

Im using a Surf On The Go to access my neighbors WiFi at my family cottage. My Magic Jack+ wont work when plugged directly into the LAN port, however at home when the Magic Jack is plugged directly into one of the 4 ports on my NetGear wireless router it works fine. Any suggestions?

The USB port on the Surf On-The-Go only works with USB cellular modems. You will need to plug the Magic Jack directly in to a computer.

Tim, Im not using the MJ USB port. Im using the either net port. Please reread my post. Thanks anyway.

I see you updated your post to indicate LAN port. In that case I recommend to contact MJ tech support.

Tim, Im going to try a switch in between the MJ and the Surf OTGs LAN port tomorrow.

Sounds good, let us know how it works out.

I used a cheep little 5 port switch and now the MJ works fine.

Awesome, thanks for the update!