Surf on the go issues

Pepwave surf on the go is receiving my cellular signal from my Verizon Ellipsis jet pack… jet pack speeds are mid 30’s mbps but the SOTG speeds are .5mbps and basically unusable…
What could be the issue?
I want to use the sotg to provide wifi to my guest house via the ellipsis jet pack (all internet in our rural farmhouse is cellular- either directly on our devices or via the ellipsis jet pack)
Jet pack speeds are good but sotg speeds are unusable…
Any thoughts on why this system isn’t working?
Jet pack is couple of years old,
Sotg is probably 5/6 years old
Is the sotg not linking with the jet pack?
Is there another option that would link with it?
Thanks in advance for any help… pretty much a novice at this game…

Maybe you should check this out regarding your Elipsis: