Surf on the go is open to the world

Hello and Good Day to All

Just a heads up if you use a Surf otg.

I use a Surf otg as a AP for a WiFi IP cam about 400 feet away from my Surf soho MK3.
The Surf otg is connected to the Surf soho MK3 via Ethernet cable.
I have the Surf otg on lock down with a outbound policy. Today I decided to allow the policy to go free. WOW! The whole world was knocking on the door of the Surf otg. It’s really not a big deal as this product is old now.
I just wanted to let anyone know…if you have a Surf otg…lock it down.

Have a great day.

Could you please explain what you mean by “go free”?
Outbound policy is only related to outbound traffic. If “the world” is now trying to access your device, its probably something on your LAN calling out to the world which is then getting a response.
You can create rules in your inbound firewall rules to block the unwanted traffic.
What firmware are you running and are there static public IP address involved with port forwarding etc

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I apologize. I see now that I jumped the gun on this one.

Sam Norris, thank You for catching my mistake.

Surf otg, FW version 1.1.1 build 1357

Only 2 devices connected to the AP of the Surf otg.

The 2 devices, and the Surf otg have a outbound policy to not connect to anywhere. The are for LAN only.

But why…?

But when I allowed the Surf otg to go outbound, I was seeing active sessions to other Countries.

I will allow Surf otg right now. The 2 devices will be blocked for outbound. Here is screen shot is Surf otg.

Please help me to understand.