Surf On The Go Custom MAC address question

The SOTG allows you to change the device MAC address when it is in WiFi mode (its not allowed in wired mode).

But, you can’t change the entire MAC address, the rightmost bit seems fixed at zero. There is no discussion of this in the User Manual. It seems to be this way on purpose. If so, why?


This is by design and limitation. By inputting custom MAC, basically you are changing the SOTG MAC to be yours. Since one unit of Surf will use at least 3 MAC: Eth, AP, Wi-Fi WAN, beginning with 0 in custom MAC is needed to ease the setting.

I don’t follow the logic. And, the forced zero seems to be the last bit, not the first one.

I was asking for a captive portal that the SOTG can’t deal with. In such cases, a SOTG user could log on to the portal initially with a computer/tablet/phone, then assign the MAC address of that initial device to the SOTG router which should then be able to function normally.


Hi Michael,

Do you think switch SOTG to bridge mode (Misc > Switch to Bridge Mode) can meet your requirement?

I don’t know. The question was theoretical, not an immediate problem, so I can’t test bridge mode.
And, by the way, there is no documentation on bridge mode in the user manual.

Hi Michael,

I believe Bridge mode should work with this request and we will update our user manual accordingly.