SURF ON THE GO Cellular Settings Sidebar Tab Missing

Hi could you please help explain why the Cellular Settings Tab is not visible? in the web admin pages. I have upgraded the firmware but it was the same with the previous version as well. [TABLE=“class: grid, width: 500”]

Kind regards Greg Diana

There are 2 possibilities that lead to the condition you mentioned:

  1. USB Modem is not inserted into OR the USB Modem is not recognized the Surf OTG. If no modem detected/recognized, then the Cellular Settings would not be display.
  2. The Surf OTG has been configured to Bridge Mode. You can check this by going to Misc menu, under the “Operating Mode”. Only in Router Mode, the Cellular Settings is available.

Hope this helps.

Thanks please note the following;

1 The 3G USB modem connects and I am able to access the internet. It is a supported modem in South Africa as per the web page.

2 It is not in bridge mode and this feature was not available in the prior f/w version.

3 Ok I will check the “Router Mode” mode option and get back. No it was set to router and not bridge

Please note under the status tab the Vodacom modems in South Africa are shown as being supported. As mentioned the modem connects and I can get internet connectivity but no Cellular Settings tab!


Greg Diana

Hi, would you open a support ticket via below link and submit a debug file for our investigation.

You can obtain the debug file at Misc->Debug Information->Download.

Hi Greg.

On the image you posted you have set your WAN mode to Wireless. If you change it to Cellular you should see the missing tab.