Surf On-The-Go as Wireless WAN for Failover

Hey There,
After many moons of research I found this amazing little box and I and trying to get it configured properly.
I currently have an ASUS RT-AC3200 Router with Comcast Cable on the primary WAN.
My Goal is to use Comcast Public Wifi as the failover when my local cable connection goes out. I am lucky enough to be able to access this from my home.
The Router has a Failover functionm that can accept another CAT5 as a failover WAN.
I have been able to get it working manually but it is giving out the DHCP address from the Surf On-The-Go to my router.
The Surf On-The-Go is able to automatically enter my Comcast username/Password into the comcast web portal and connect to the service automatically (This is MAGIC to me)
What I would like is the external IP the Surf On-The-Go receives to be passed through to the CAT5 and into the router so there is no double NAT happening.
I have a question concerning the proper setup:

  1. How can I configure the Surf On-The-Go to pass through the external IP address from “Comcast Public Wifi” it receives to my router through the CAT5 so the router receives the Comcast Public External IP instead of a Surf On-The-Go created IP.

I can connect to the Surf On-The-Go for configuration at any time by connecting to the wireless connection through my phone which is the only reason for the wireless access.

Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Drop-in mode is not supported for Wifi as WAN. Can I suggest to replace Asus router with BR1 ENT + AP One AC Mini?

Thinking about picking up a BR1 ENT since I need over 100Mbs throughput, but was hesitating since it doesn’t appear to support WiFi as WAN backup… Is this correct that I could have my primary circiut connected to the WAN port, uses the builtin LTE as back up, AND connect a AP One AC Mini to one of the LAN ports as a tertiary WiFi as WAN backup!?

The AP One AC Mini is an access point only so it cannot be used as a Wi-Fi as WAN source, plus it would not work connecting it to a LAN port if you need it for WAN access.