Surf-on-the-Go AP Channel Seletction


I’m trying to set my Surf-on-the-Go router to a specific AP Channel. The manual shows that there should be an “AP Channel” setting like I’m used to seeing on other routers, but the setting is not an option in the SotG config. What is there is a “Selective channel scan” setting that allows you to limit the frequencies that are scanned. Anyone have any experience/advice?



For Wireless Mode:

WIFI AP channel will follow the channel Radio settings for Wireless WAN.

For Wired Mode:

You can have the AP Channel settings:


Thanks! This is what I’m seeing as well. Here’s my situation -

  • My Surf-on-the-Go router is wirelessly connecting to and repeating the 5GHz wifi in the marina where I’m located
  • I am able to connect most of my devices (iPhone, pcs, etc) to the wifi on the SotG router, but there is one device that does not recognize the SotG wifi when it is set to 802.11na/5GHz
  • help files for that device suggest that to resolve the problem you should set the channel on your router to 36 or above
  • I do not know how to do this with channel scanning. how do the various frequencies listed relate to a channel number? for example, for channel 36 would i only scan 5.68GHz, 5.745GHz, other?



If you are using Wireless mode, that mean the SOTG WIFI AP channel will follow the 5GHz wifi channel runing in the marina. The channel scanning settings just to limit the WIFI channel that the SOTG device WIFI WAN will/can connect.

Marina Channel 36 (5.18Ghz) (((((((((( WIFI WAN - SOTG - WIFI AP )))))) Channel 36

P/S: Marina APs will decide the channels

First of all, the the problem device able to connect direct to the 5Ghz WIFI in the marina ?

Please refer to the following URL for the Channel and frequency mapping info:


Hi - Thanks for the information. So there is no way in wireless mode to change the channel that the SOTG wifi access point is broadcasting - it is just repeating whatever the marina channel is set at?

The problem device can see and connect directly to the marina wifi, but it connects at 2.4GHz and the bandwidth is too low to provide any value.




SOTG is single WIFI radio device. Hence for WIFI WAN and WIFI AP will running using the same channel.