Surf On-The-Go and web portal login!

Dear Guys,

I have a question in mind. do you have any solution for connecting Surf On-The-Go to Wi-Fi hotspots which requires pre-login on the web portal ?


Hey Hootan, how you been?

There is no solution for this because the owner of the hotspot has control of the network. After all, they do not want people having uninterrupted access to their network.

I’m not saying it is impossible, but there are way too many variables and not worth our time to try and defeat this. Make sense?

Hi team ,

Thanks I’m fine :slight_smile: I understand but these days so many public wi-fi hotspots require web portal login. for example in the airport , hotels , etc.
in this case SOTG cannot connect to them. I think if you could deploy a built-in web browser in SOTG it can resolve this issue. I don’t know how much it’s practical but just an idea.


@Hootan, you can use SOTG at all these places. I do. You just log on the portal as you normally would from a browser on your smartphone or laptop, then all your devices can share the Internet.

Or did I miss your point?

Hi keith ,

I got the point , you mean SOTG will redirect me to the hotspot portal … is that right ?



More precisely, your browser is redirected by a service gateway to a hotel portal through the SOTG. :slight_smile:

SOTG is merely a Wi-Fi client that shares an Internet connection.


Thanks Keith :wink: