Supported Video Caching with MediaFast

I am looking for information on what video caching is supported with MediaFast. Specifically:

YOUTUBE 4k content?
VIMEO 4k UHD content?
Netflix 4k UHD and other content?
Amazon Prime Video 4k UHD content?

Is there anything published by PepLink that talks to any Video Caching limitations (for example encrypted media assets, can they be still cached?)

I have replied here: Peplink mediafast 500 - Supported Media Caching - #2 by MartinLangmaid

You can put the mediafast inline to act as a SSL proxy and so it can cache encrypted content, however there are additional complexities there. Youtube uses a CDN for example where I user can stream a video from one URL on their CDN and the next user who tries to do that will have a stream served from another CDN/URL so mediafast doesn’t know its the same stream / file and doesn’t send cached copy.


Thanks @MartinLangmaid. This was where i was hoping PepLink may have mastered some logic in identifying incoming payload patterns. Whoever can crack this issue (legally) will be a company i invest in as not everyone has unlimited bandwidth to keep streaming down 4K UHD content every play. In my situation i am remote and am using Verizon LTE metered for service when my local ISP is saturated and can only serve me a 4Mbps down connection.

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