Support urgently needed for this weird problem

Hi, I need further assistance on this one:

I don’t understand why both WANs (despite being completely independent) are always failing health checks (no matter what parameters, method used) at the same time… This seems a missconfiguration of the Balance One or a problem with firmware… How can I solve this?.

Thanks in advance,


There must be something wrong that makes halth check to fail.

I have removed the 3G USB from the 3G router, which makes it impossible to reach external network and should result on a health check failure. After a reasonable amount of time (more than 20 minutes while I am checking each 120 seconds for three times before considering the link down), the connection is still detected as UP. I have checked the ping and traceroute to make sure the link is down… and so it works… but the link is still shown as UP.

Please, this is urgent and as configuration is based on previous suggestions from peplink people here in the forum I dont know what else I can do…

This behavior does seem very odd. Please open a support ticket here to facilitate an investigation.

Thank you Jose.

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