Support Renewal

I have noticed that my appliance warranty had expired.
the initial purchase was with Smartcare, 3 Year Plan.

Since that is expired, I was looking at my options to go with TotalCare, PrimeCare & Smart Care.
& Can I buy them online

I need a suggestion as my appliances are expired would like to renew them at the earliest.

All relevant comments are welcome.

Totalcare is/was only available in north america - it adds telephone support and advanced replacement tothe standard warranty and I think IC2 subscription.

Like Totalcare Smartcare allows for defective device replacement - this is advanced replacement if a device is Dead On Arrival otherwise return to base. It also includes IC2 subscription.

Primecare is brand new and includes IC2 subscription, enhanced fusionhub licensing and hardware warranty but is only available on specific PrimeCare devices (Just the Transit Mini and MAX Transit currently).

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you can see what is available for your device by looking at peplink’s online store at


The faster ways to work on this is to contact Peplink local partner base on your country and they should able to advice you the best method to work on this.