Support Private DDNS Server

Using Private APN and private net from provider will not allow to using the normal DDNS providers on WAN connection.
I would like to use a private DDNS server to register WAN connection´s IP address in DNS with the routers name.
How can I make this possible, or is it not supported.
Is there any other creative solutions , appreciate it


We only support public DDNS provider at the moment.

I will move your thread to Feature Request for product team to take consideration.


I agree with this kind of Feature. :slight_smile:

Hi, From your post I am assuming the DNS server you’re referring to in this instance is for a DNS zone that is not hosted on a Peplink device - am I right?
(If I’m wrong ignore the rest of this post.)

If you want your Peplink devices to update your own DDNS then the easiest way would be to build your service so it accepts the same submissions that a supported one does then get your private APN provider to add a DNS entry for the public service DNS name and point it to your internal DNS server’s IP.

For example, the GET request format for No-IP is:

http://username:[email protected]/nic/update?

If you had a DNS server that could accept this get request and a DNS entry on your APN that points the Balance /MAX device WAN requests to your servers IP everything would come right.

Of course the next bit is actually duplicating the No-IP service locally somehow. A good read here: linux - How to setup a simple self-hosted dynamic DNS server - Server Fault particularly the perl script which is the 3rd answer down.

You can imagine how that script could be altered to respond to the same URL as No-IPs above and process the update request.

Realise this is not a full answer, but maybe it will lead you in the right sort of direction. Good luck! And do share how you get on.