Support Guest Protect in InControl2


Hi all,

I try to manage AP one through InControl ans until now, it works for basic feature but for my deployement I need to activate the “guest isolation” feature on one of my two ssid.
First seem the check box is not available in InControl
Second as my SSID config is push by IncOntrol, when I activate the “Isolation” locally in the AP, when the AP request config update from IC, feature is didable.

Maybe is miss something … .can you help ?

Thx in advance.



Hi Vincent,

We do not support Guest Protect in InControl2 at the moment.

I will move your post to Feature Requests.



Thanks a lot for your answer.
For sure it should be a good feature specilly for managing large AP deployment.
Waiting for this integration, is it possible at minimum, not to disable the “guest” feature configured locally when IC push the config ??



Hi Vincent,

Please disable Wi-Fi Management on InControl2 or use Balance Router as WLAN Controller.



Do you have an estimated date of when this function will be available in IC2?
I have a good opportunity for customer and want to know approximaly when this feature will be in IC2.

Thank you



We target to available on Q1 2015.


Hi Support team.

I come-back end of Q1 to ask for this feature?
Did you implemented the function?

Thank you



Yes, Layer 2 Isolation is now a configurable feature in the SSID settings via IC2