Support for T-Mobile ZTE Falcon Z-917 Hotspot

Hi There,

We have several Pepwave Soho Surf routers in use and are wondering if there is any way to get support for the T-Mobile ZTE Falcon Z-917 Hotspot. I’ve seen others post in the past for different USB connected hotspots and receive firmware for them - hoping to get the same here.


This model is not in our supporting list. Please open ticket for us to check and develop for the driver.

Thank you.

Was a ticket ever opened for this? T-Mobile is now only offering the Z-917 and we need to install wireless backup soon, but we don’t want to buy a hotspot and sign a contract until we know it will be supported. Thanks in advance!

That previous case has no progress on the driver development due modem is not available.

We will definitely look into this if the modem is available for us to do the development.

Thank you.

Any luck on getting the ZTE falcon to work in tethered mode? Just ordered the Z-917 Falcon, and It arrives today. Hope I can get it to play nice and work with my Surf on the Go

ZTE Falcon Z-917 supports tethering. Please find my google result below.

That’s awesome. But will it work just as well tethered to the surf on the go, as it will tethered to a PC? Thanks in advance

It should be fine. Please give a try. You may open ticket if you are facing any problem on this.


Thanks to all who replied …modem works great tethered to the surf on the go! No lengthy configuration…just plug and go!

Just wanted to check, are you saying you were able to just plug in the ZTE Falcon Z-917 via USB to the Peplink and it worked?