Support for Sprint Pocket Wifi

I’m looking at purchasing the Surf Soho. Given my rural location, my only internet connection comes from my Sprint Pocket Wifi (manufacturerd by ZTE model MF975S). Link here:

Will this device work with the Surf Soho with USB/Tethered, or will I need to configure it as Wifi as WAN?

And if configured as wifi as WAN, are there any particular wifi settings that will make the Wifi as WAN connection more effective (e.g., 2.4 or 5 ghz). I can have the devices in close proximity to one another if that matters.



Hi Marc,

This model is not in our supporting list. Please open ticket for us to check and develop for the driver.

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Ok. THanks. Can you offer any suggestions for the hotspot settings to optimize the Wifi as Wan performance with the Soho. 2.4 of 5 GHz? Anything else? I can position the two devices as close or as far away as would be best. Thanks.

Hi Marc,

I suggest using 5GHz on MF975S which has less interference. By default, Surf Soho supports both frequencies (please find screenshot below). It will associate with the frequency that broadcasted by MF975S.

Ideally, you should place both devices close to each other. Of course, ensure the line of sight is clear. Just ensure you have good signal coverage (-70dBm and above), you may check this via Dashboard > Wireless Networks. Please find the screenshot below.

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FWIW I was evaluating Sprint recently and had a Pocket Wifi. I plugged it into my Balance 20 and it seemed to work just fine. Can’t say if it’ll work with the Surfo Soho, but I didn’t have to do anything special.

Thanks for sharing this info! :up:

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Like Marc, I’m in a “broadband challenged” rural area, using Sprint and a ZTE MF975S. I get a strong signal as I’m not far from and in line of sight with a tower. I’m considering getting a Peplink SUS-SOHO-T Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 Router and wonder if others who have used that find better performance with USB tethering or using wifi between the modem and the router.

In general, I’d recommend using the USB interface to the SOHO if possible. If it’s not on the list of devices supported you can ask that Peplink take a look at it. Indeed, they’ve done a great job supporting many, many such devices. If that approach fails you’ll likely find that the “Wi-Fi as WAN” method works for you.

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