Support for Novatel MiFi 7730L



When will support for the Novatel (Verizon) MiFi 7730L be added?

It is not currently on the supported list ( though it’s younger cousin the 6620L is supported.




Hi. The guyz @ Peplink will probably need a “real device” – e.g., one connected to one of their routers, to check functionality. My “educated guess”: If the product you mention is not presently on the list of supported devices it’s likely only because no one has asked and owns such a device. Indeed, it may well be that if a predecessor modem is supported the follow-on model will also be as they may be sufficiently similar.

The link you cited is the place to get started. Just follow the link on the lower right corner of the page.

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I found this on 5Gstore website

Novatel 7730 : not officially supported by Peplink, but tested andconfirmed by 5Gstore with firmware 6.3.3 they did not list a modem support package used. Any ideas?