Support for more than than 3 SSID's

I’m running a Pepwave Surf SOHO, and just realized it seems to only support a maximum of 3 SSID’s. This is a bit of a problem, and seems like an odd limitation. So the feature I’d like to see implemented is to have support for a larger number of SSID’s. In my specific application, I temporarily need a 4th. So it looks like I’ll have to pull the Pepwave and put our old Cisco back into service for a while. Bummer.


Supporting more than 3 SSID’s is the tentatively scheduled feature for firmware version 6.4.

For your case, can you please open a support ticket here .

Thank You

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Hi, I too would love more than just 3 SSIDs.
Any further developments on this one please sitloongs?

This had been implemented in firmware 7.1.0 for SOHO HW2 and SOHO MK3, 16 SSIDs can now be supported for firmware version 7.1.0.

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16!!! Wow that’s absolutely fantastic…
I failed to spot it in the PDF of the release notes, but thanks so much for posting the screenshots.
Awesome. One happy customer here!