Support for LTE-A / band 66 Verizon?

What models support LTE-A (band 66 Verizon)?

It looks like the BPL-031-LTEA-W-T should, but information is conflicting on the website. Peplink’s literature does not show it supports band 66 on all pages and PDFs.


Do you have more info on this ?

For Band 66, you can consider B20X whereby you can choose the different Expansion Modules. (check on the Bands – Expansion Modules)

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This product has the band list out of numerical order, however does look like BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM supports band 66. Why does it show CAT4 and not CAT6 like the other model?

I currently have a Balance 30 LTE and would like to upgrade my home network. The BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM looks to be $200 cheaper than my current router. Is it actually an upgrade to move to the BPL-021X-LTE-US-T-PRM from my current hardware?


You can check B20X Bands info at the B20X product specification page.

B20X come with 1 x embedded Cell module (CAT4) and you can buy expansion module if you need to CAT6, CAT12, CAT18 for high speeds and more bands supported.

You can compare the specifications info between the B30 LTE and the B20X. Please make sure you check the number of WANs supported/performance for the models and if it meet your requirements then you are good to go. Either it’s an model upgrade or not it doesn’t really influences what you needs.

Thanks. I wish it was easier to determine if a newer model was an upgrade over a previous.

Looks like the addition of WiFi is the major difference between the two, along with faster throughout. - Model Comparison