Support for https: URL logging?

My d-link is all set up for URL logging, nice. But: it only logs access to port 80: and http: … does the pep product line support https: / port 443 url logging?
And is there support for a logging proxy with full TLS tracing, with appropriate certificate?

We do support HTTPS logging. Below is the example. Does this meet your requirement?

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That’s a great start, better than what I have now. Thank you -

I’ve got a PepLink-One (FW 7.1.0 build 3433) and I’ve enabled URL Logging so it sends the output to Kiwi SSM, but the output isn’t has human friendly as I’d like. And sometimes the IP addresses aren’t resolved.

Which Syslog server are you running in the screenshot above? Looks nice. I’d like to replicate that.


It is 3CDaemon.