Support for AT&T Global Modem USB800?

I don’t see it on the supported modems list. Any idea when the Surf SOHO MK3 might support AT&T’s latest USB modem?

I am wanting to know the same thing. Did you ever find out?

I never got an answer so I bought a SOHO MK3 on Amazon and tried it out. It didn’t work, and when I tried a supported AT&T modem the SOHO had a flakey WiFi network that would drop clients whenever a new client logged on.

Returned the SOHO and bought a used Cradlepoint on eBay. Best purchase ever, it is so rock solid I never even think about it. Literally the best router I’ve owned in over 20 years of owning routers. You cannot go wrong with Cradlepoint!

So sorry to hear you went over to the"dark side." :wink:
Just curious: Did you ever visit this page and ask for help?

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