Support for 802.11g dropped?

I have a SURF SOHO and an AP One Mini. Just found out my domotica system is no longer connecting to my network. This is most likely caused by the fact that I no longer have 802.11g support.

The AP settings page on the SOHO says: “Integrated AP supports 802.11n/ac protocols only”. Does this mean I can no longer connect a 8.11g device?

Has this recently changed? Since I suspect my device to have been able to connect via my AP one mini untill yesterday.

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We are discussing this in the 8.1.2 firmware thread. Many of us are having issues with older Wifi devices. Rolling back the firmware does not fix the issue. Something changed which cannot be rolled back. I noticed the comment about N only support. I believe N is supposed to be backwards compatible with G, but I am not sure.

Have you submitted a ticket yet? The more people that report the more awareness we can get.

EDIT: here is the thread: Firmware 8.1.2 Now in GA