Support DHCP Option 26 (MTU)

In LAN Settings, we can configure a number of DHCP options, but unfortunately, Option 26 is notably absent. This option is useful to tell clients on the network which MTU they should configure. Many ISPs require a custom MTU configured on the router, but clients on the LAN still send with the default MTU of 1500, which then needs to be fragmented to fit through the WAN link. This adds latency.

Configuring each client manually is not a reliable or scalable solution, so being able to push a value via DHCP is a good way to solve the issue.

Simplest possible implementation: Let me configure that option in the existing UI
Easier-to-use implementation: Add a checkbox named “Set MTU on clients via DHCP” and determine the value based on the minimum MTU configured across WAN interfaces.

I think this would be a valuable addition to the Peplink software.