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Shortly I will explain my situation, and disapointment in support from Pepwave side.
As their customer from March 2019, I have MAX HD4, as the problem with corrupted SD card appear I tried to sort it out and get new SD card with software from support (Answer was to buy new device, they dont cell spare parts) .
Ok, I bought new device (MAX HD4-MBX5GD) as simple problem with SD card was not possible to resolve.
I got new device install it on place and after 2 days device stoped working.
After I sent device to their support service for warranty claim I got answer that they found water inside (from where and how who knows,transport, humidity, or whatever) I didnt want to investigate and I said OK, go and replace what is broken and send me a bill to pay. I was supprised when second time I got answer we dont do that , now for new device, which is not so cheap …
Is that way how Pepwave is treathing customers or it is some missunderstanding ? I am hapy to use Pepwave but with this kind of support I have doubt for which device to go now…

I’m sorry to hear that you have had hardware issues like these.

The first one - although frustrating perhaps since it is likely ‘just’ the SD card at fault, is understandable if the HD4 was not under warranty / a care plan. Peplink has to write a policy that they follow strictly otherwise it would become unfair.

The 2nd hardware fault with the MBX is much more surprising. I see no easy way for water to get into a MBX as part of the shipping process. Like many other enterprise hardware manufacturers, water & fluid ingress invalidates warranty. This is because water gets everywhere, and the oxidisation it leaves behind can cause faults and issues long after it getting wet.

You’re only left with a few couple of options I would suggest,

  1. try and recover/backup the SD card from your original HD4 and write it onto a new blank SD card yourself.
  2. Send your MBX to an electronics repair company for a full tear down and clean up (since your warranty is invalid already).
  3. Claim on your business /office / house insurance. Show them the emails from Peplink saying there has been accidental water damage and get it replaced that way.
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