Support advanced VPN configuration (e.g. AWS VPC)

I would like to be able to fully utilize Amazon VPC’s and VPN’s using Peplink.

Hi Joeyyeoj,

Our devices are able to make IPsec connection to AWS VPC but there is one limitation that the IPsec connection will not failover between the two AWS VPN Gateway (and we are still working on it). So if there is any down time on Amazon’s side, you’ll need to manually connect the IPsec VPN to the Amazon backup gateway, but actually we rarely need the backup gateway from my experience.

For your reference, here are the sample IPsec profiles that work with AWS VPC VPN connection, usually you will get two set of IPsec configuration from Amazon, and here in the sample below we have and as the Amazon IPsec gateways, and local network is while remote network (Amazon’s side) is

IPsec profile for gateway, we use this as the main connection, set profile Active:

IPsec profile for gateway, but uncheck the Active checkbox, you can manually enable this profile and disable the profile 121 when you need to switch:

I hope this could give you some help, feel free to let us know if you have any further questions, thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks Steve. This lines up with my understanding after having tested this solution. I look forward to having the backup VPN option available as I have experienced trouble with the single connection going down. Thanks for the thorough and clear response.

Just checking whether any progress was made with the failover issue. I’ve recently purchased my first Peplink router and will need to configure an AWS VPC VPN connection…



Hi guys,

What’s the latest on this. Does peplink have full support for AWS VPC and if so is there documentation for this?



The advance VPN feature (fail over between VPC) still in product road-map.

Do consider Fusionhub if you need stable connection to AWS:

Thank You

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Any updates on this? I have a client asking for AWS and I’d hate to tell them we have to swap hardware.