Suitable product

I have little background in cellular integrated network devices and feel unprepared to be forced into this area.

My need is the need for wi-fi access to the internet for 3 or 4 of Hunter’s hydra-wise wi-fi irrigation/sprinkler controllers. There is no public wi-fi access available. The only method iI know s to rely on cellular-based hotspots.

The products like Verizon’s jetpack lack wi-fi range to connect to any of my other controllers despite three controllers within 200 feet point to point, and I would need one jetpack type device per controller, which gets more costly than I would like.

I have the idea that using a product like your MAX BR1 Mini Core could solve this problem and have a single cellular connection.
There will be no wired network connections. Is this product usable if placed in a waterproof enclosure for this application?

Do you have a better product suitable for direct outdoor use that is price competitive with the mini?

I can’t find the sim type and wonder will a Verizon jetpack sim will fit, or do I need to acquire a new one? Do I contact the cell provider to provide a new SIM?

Do you offer any remote antenna with cables? All I found on the website were the direct mount to the unit types.

Sorry for being an idiot, and I appreciate any help.

Well, you’re not an idiot and your application sounds interesting. What you want to do is reasonable and not difficult. Quite a number of variables however. I’ll PM you my contact information and if you want to phone me tomorrow I’ll be glad to help.



I would look at whatever you determine would be adequate for your LTE connection needs and use a suitable outdoor Access Point, connected to one of the LAN ports, for the WiFi provisioning.

For sprinkler controllers you don’t need a lot of bandwidth, so a MAX BR1 Mini Core would probably suit your cellular connection needs just fine. That is not an outdoor device, so you’d need to place it in a weather-proof enclosure, inside a shed, or whatever.

For the outdoor AP: I’m fond of EnGenius WiFi networking gear. I’ve an EnGenius ENH1350EXT mounted a bit over head height in our large shed. It’s covering our entire 90 x 250 ft. backyard with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz solidly. I can even sit on my next-door-neighbor’s back deck, about 150 ft. from our µBarn, and get full signal strength on 2.4GHz on my iPhone–with intervening trees and bushes.