Suitability for use?


I am wondering if the Peplink balance units have a good algorithm for balancing these connections together?

  • ADSL connection (1.0mb down and 0.5mb up) - better for click click browsing. Unlimited data.
  • Satellite connection (25mb down and 5mb up). There is a lot of delay in the satalite though, about 700ms for a ping so not so good for basic browsing. Great for downloading larger files.

I understand that it might be difficult for the peplink to know what kind of data traffic is being passed through it an a simple “fastest” algorithm is maybe not clever enough. At the moment we have them as two separate gateways on the network and we just change the gateway in the computers IP settings depending if we are just sending emails or browsing or uploading files.

Any thoughts? Many thanks!


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question. By default (on current firmware - 6.1.2), for Outbound traffic, the Balance does do a Latency check before the session is initiated and will send traffic out the WAN with the quicker return. Now this is predicated of course on not having other rules in play that will supersede things. You can of course setup further rules to shape the traffic a bit more. More information on how Outbound Policy works can be found at the following link -

I hope this helps, let us know if there’s other concerns at all.