Suggestion for Live Streaming

A customer of mine wants to make live streaming from his yacht and his prefered
streaming platforms/application would be:
with a 1080p resolution.

Looking at those service minimum requested bandwidth is 8Mbit/s.

My idea is to install and HD2 mini or HD2 dome to use both LTE radios, and I’m wondering if setting up a SpeedFusion VPN would be prefered and advised to have a reliable live streaming.

Waiting for any suggestions and thanking in advance for you advices I send you all my best regards.

Iacopo Cacciaguerra.

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Hi. Is the plan for the yacht to be on the move or stationary?

Peplink have recently launched their maritime Peplink certified engineer certificate so there is a massive amount of material for you to have look through to help you.
You could start here and look at this play list:

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Yes for sure. For bandwidth bonding and reliability.

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I my be able to help for TV I suggest AT&T now but I think 720 is a reasonable solution to the massive amounts of data you will need to stream going to need about a gig per hour per tv I need about 300 gig per month but again if you’re moving your going to have drops in service and reloads more data😒 I lov streaming Netflix is good about adjusting their speeds