Suf Soho Web Based Blocking Zinio Reader iOS iPad Blocked

If I wanted to HIRE someone to come setup my PepWave Surf Soho, where would I go and what would I look for? Because I can’t get this up and running right even though I’ve had this since 11/19/2016.

I kept hoping someone would put up a YouTube thing where they walked you through the settings one by one but if there is, I haven’t seen it. Everyone just says read the manual and I DID but it gets to a point where something doesn’t work for me.

Take this Zinio app on my iPad for example. I just applied the Web Based Blocking content in my Surf Soho the other day and then I tried to open my Library Zinio app and check out a Magazine. It said the “content was blocked due to a ad setting” and I finally figured out it MUST BE the Web Based Blocking content.

Why is this so HARD? I wasn’t expecting plug and play because I had a commercial grade router before but this is beyond that. I know I was warned but drag the wifi WAN up to the WAN?? Is that right?

So back to hiring someone. I bought a domain name a I’ve been paying for that and web hosting since I bought my router but haven’t been able to USE IT because I don’t have a clue. I tried. Over and over again I tried to get it up and running.

Anyone with suggestions? And could someone at least tell me how to unblock the Zinio app?


You can exclude Zinio APP domain URLs from the Web Blocking and this should solve your problem.

  1. You can enable URL logging for the SOHO to a syslog application server. Check on the blocked URLs.

  2. Exclude the domain URLs

Detail info can be find using URL below:

If you need more help, please contact Peplink local partner:

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