Sub-Groups in inControl


is there any plans to add a sub-group feature? We have a few one-off sites that we have grouped into a single group, but we would like to further break these sites down into a few sub-groups within the independant one-off group. This would be a greatly appreciated change for organization viewing.

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Hi m-son-neteng,

It wouldn’t suprise me that such a feature is in the Pipline but I was wondering if as a short term solution you considered the device “tag” feature as a way to sort those “sub-groups” as a possible workaround? You can assign tags on the device level for a few functions and one is sorting on the Dashboard? Hope it helps.

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This feature requests needs a bump, please.
IC2 has Organisation and Group but it’d be excellent if we can then have subgroups below this.
This means if you have a very large number of routers they are more easily manageable as well as allowing Managed Service Providers to give their customers greater flexibility in the way their customers can view their data.

For the larger deployment, especially in the MSP environment, InControl Virtual Appliance would be the better solution. It provides the multi-tenancy flexibility and allows each customer own and manage their Organization & Groups as needed.

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So if I’ve understood correctly: the MSP gives the organization level to each of their customers (retaining a login for themselves to be able to manage that customer). Then their customers will be able to have one subgroup.
So it could be Company A has Group A, Group B, etc. below it, but still they cannot have sub-group A and sub-group B?
If so then this would be the same as an MSP creating a new organization for each customer on Peplink hosted IC2 (except login info would need to be carefully managed).
For other forumites, here is the link to the InControl Virtual Appliance:

+1 for this request, SAS would find this useful as we have a number of clients now with lots of devices and their groups are getting crowded, would be great if you could sub divide by say site, then house devices on the site under that group.

Can you elaborate more on this, preferably with an example? I am sure our InControl Team would be interested to review the idea.

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Hi WeiMing, sure.

So in order to have a more granular tree system for separating customers/sites/devices I am thinking something like this below, so an Org equates to a partner, for example we have partners with customers under them, and direct customers under a specific org, under that we create customer groups, what we can end up with it a customer group with a lot of devices in one view.

This helps organise the view for admins and end customers down to specific sites, if the reporting could also be done at a site level as well it would be great (so the DB only reports back on the devices in that site sub group)

Something like this:

Top level list of Orgs

├─ Org 1 (eg: Partner X customers)
│ └─ Customer name (eg: Fred Smith Ltd)
│ └─ Site name (eg: London HQ)
│ └─ device 1 (eg: Max HD4)

└─ Org 2 (eg: Partner Y customers)
└─ Customer name (eg: Joe Bloggs Ltd)
└─ Site name (eg: London HQ)
└─ device 1 (eg: Max Transit Duo)
└─ device 2 (eg: AP One Enterprise)

Logon security as is now by Org and group, that way we can give a partner access to all their customers under that org, but also by group so we can give individual customers access to their company group and devices/sites underneath (I cant see we’d ever need security access to individual sites)


Thanks for the feedback.

I can imagine this is something can be done with the presence of private InControl (InControl Virtual Appliance). However, on a smaller scale (I assume this is the situation) customer base deployment, ICVA might be overwhelmed to the partners. So, the multi-tenancy feature needs to bring “down” from System to Organization level.

Will bring this idea to the team to be reviewed.


If you are an administrator of multiple organizations, after you signed in, current you would see a screen this like

We suggest to change it to this:

So that you can have an overview of how many devices and clients each organization has. A map may not be provided. What do you think?


Hello Keith,
We often click though the “My Organisations” going straight to a clients organisation, so having the ability in our profile settings to compact the summary by default for quick navigation would help.
We do like to idea as a managed service provider being able to have a single place to overview all of our customers system, this appears to be a good start what you have shown.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus. FYI, you should find a quick list of all (your customer) organizations you have access to from the organization menu on the right of the “menu bar”. So you could navigate from one organization to another easily using the menu. You are not necessary to switch to the My Organization browser tab to navigate to another organization.