Stuck on "Obtaining IP Address"


Just purchased two PepWave BR1 MK2’s and cannot get cellular internet to work on either of them (stuck on “Obtaining IP Address”). Already updated to the latest firmware (8.1.1). I’ve also tried manually entering APNs and switching from Auto to Generic and even the specific carrier’s Network Mode to no avail :confused:

Any thoughts on how I can debug? I’ve tried with Verizon, AT&T, and Telcel (Mexico) SIMs. All three work when plugged into a phone.

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Do you have a data-only or hotspot plan sim you can try with?

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Tons of threads on this topic… phone plans rarely work in enterprise routers…

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I can report the same issue with T-Mobile in Mexico. Peplink UBR Plus

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It´s all about the cellular plan… there are some IMEI/TAC restricted cellular plans.

I suggest to to get a SIM card with no IMEI (devices) limitations.

I’m having the same issue. I have a TMobile data only card. In talking to t-mobile I was told that the Max Transit Duo may not be compatible with t-mobile. Any thoughts?

Your Peplink router is certified by TMO for use on its network. However, your SIM may not be appropriate for use in the given device. Just today, for example, we tested a TMO “data only” SIM intended for a tablet and a pre-paid TMO “data only” SIM in a different Peplink router. As expected, the former did not work; the latter did. I’ll also add: Generally, SIMs which work in phones will not work in routers. So, this is not a good test.

Ok. Well, I’ve given up and for less money I can get the same amount of hotspot data to use on my phone. So, for now the cellular modem will sit and wait until I get enough energy to try again. When I signed up for the line and got the SIM card I specified that it was to be used in a cellular modem and not in a phone.

Hi @Kathe_Kirkbride. For many folks “hotspot data” from a phone will work just fine. However, for many a more robust (and often much safer) solution is required. The latter is Peplink’s market. Importantly, your Peplink device is a router (and a good one at that) not just a modem. Having said that, I share your frustration that once again USA cellular carriers have failed to meet the requirements of their customers – and their employees often don’t even really know what they are selling.

Also, it is at about this point that I’d reiterate the well-worn advice to contact the Peplink Partner from which you acquired the router. Most are extremely competent and helpful.

The equipment came already on a boat we bought and I wanted to use it to run the navigation systems. So, it’s hard for me to go back to Peplink To complain. A lot of this technology is new to me from the standpoint of installation. I’m rather frustrated.

Question: how can I tap into it as a router given I’m using hotspot data from my phone?

Can you define what you mean by the following? What are your specific objectives? (Likely I can answer in generalities as we do not do marine work. However, there are a number of very well qualified and experienced partners and users who inhabit the Forum.)

Actually, I guess my phone hotspot is a router for all practical purposes. I’ll get the navigation systems talking to one another somehow. Thank you for your generous assistance. I’ll pass it forward.