Stuck in connecting loop with AT&T

I’m unable to connect to AT&T on my Max BR1 even though the same Sim works on an AT&T modem and a Nighthawk modem. I switched to the BR1 because the AT&T modem has no Ethernet ports. The Netgear Nighthawk dropped the AT&T connection several times a day. The logs do not provide any clues on the problem. Suggestions?

Sorry if this was covered. I’ve searched the forums for this many times.

It probably doesn’t help much, but I have an AT&T card as well and it was able to connect using the default settings. The only custom setting is the network mode which is set to AT&T.

So I got it to work by disabling my Cell booster, setting the config to AT&T, and enabling roaming. Thanks for the quick reply.

Awesome, glad you got it working.