Struggling to understand FusionHub licensing on AWS

I have installed the AWS marketplace EC2 instance as my FusionHub, using the 30 day trial. Currently I only have one fixed Peplink Balance Two deployment, but plan to add a second fixed site (Balance One Core) and a mobile site (UBR LTE).

I see a banner on my Balance Two deployment saying “11 Days left for SpeedFusion Bonding trial.” So I navigate to Network → VPN → Speed Fusion and see the callout:

The “Buy Now” link points to which ultimately redirects back to the hardware storefront.

If I try to approach the problem from InControl2, I can see that my AWS node is “expiring soon.” Again the link provided is not helpful, in that it is searching for the store for my AWS node’s serial number (huh?)

@inzania ,

May I know which country you are located ? Please contact Peplink local Distributor/Reseller for the assistance. They will advice which product code you should purchase.

@sitloongs I am in the USA (Colorado, near Denver). I don’t understand why I need a reseller; I already own the hardware (and there are no resellers in my state). I’m just trying to license the software from Peplink directly using their storefront per their instructions. I doubt a reseller would know anything about this; it’s a very technical and esoteric question.

@sitloongs is right but I can help. I’ll send you a PM with instructions on how you can do it yourself.



Thank you very much

Incase this is still an issue you’re facing and for all, AWS just provides the AMI essentially for the FusionHub. You’d need your own license key and when you first login into your FusionHub in AWS via public IP, the last step it will ask you for is your license key. AWS views this as a “BYOL”, Bring your own license, and if you already have one hosted, like above and in trial mode, you should just be able to log into the device via ic2 and update your key with a proper one.